Born in the land of the Voconces

With its two thousand years of history, Clairette de Die is a natural sparkling wine surrounded by a legend that you could almost read about in schoolbooks.  They would explain that right back in ancient times, the Roman author Pliny the Elder described a wine that was highly appreciated by the Voconces, the ancestors of the Diois. This Gallic tribe left jars of the wine in rivers over the winter and then recovered them in the spring.  From these jars emerged a precious liquid, sweet and sparkling.  Today, this precious liquid is known as “Clairette de Die”.                                           

Authentic Clairette
It wasn’t until 1910 that the government finally rewarded the wine producers of the Diois with the coveted "appellation d’origine" (AO) classification. This appellation protects the geographical denomination that designates their wine, of which the quality of production is based on tradition and the soil.  The "appellation d’origine contrôlée" (AOC) classification, created twenty-five years later, was awarded in 1942 by the Institut national des appellations d’origine (INAO). It confirmed the authenticity and unique character of Clairette de Die. Further recognition was not long in coming.  In 1971, the method of production of the Clairette de Die Tradition wine, unique in France, was officially designated as the "ancestral dioise process". This winemaking technique is based on partial fermentation in vats followed by further fermentation in the bottle using the residual sugar in the grapes.